Remove Stretch Marks In Skin During Pregnancy With These Simple Steps

From stretch marks to pigmentation, we talk you through the skin changes that can happen during pregnancy.What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are thin reddish or purple marks that appear on your skin when your body shape suddenly changes. They often appear in patches, and can form a ripple pattern…

This Is How To Make More Breast Milk, The Natural Way

I remember being pregnant with our oldest child, our daughter. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t breastfeed. It seemed like the natural thing to do. I was breastfed, my mother was breastfed, my mother’s mother was breastfed and on down the line as far as I know. Lots…

6 Common Skin Problems With Babies And Here Is How To Prevent Them

It’s important to know about the different childhood skin problems that children commonly experience. Sometimes people don’t find out about these until it happens to their child. But, understanding about these skin problems that might happen will help lessen the fear, and help you be prepared and maybe even prevent…

These 4 Type Of People Should Never Consume Ginger – Its Very Harmful For Your Health
Recently ginger has become commonly used all over the world. However it can be dangerous in some situations. Instead ginger you can use peppers. It is proven that some products can be beneficial for some persons but for others can be dangerous! Ginger root is used in cooking from... Read more
PARENTS BE CAREFUL – These Teething Pills Have Killed 10 Children Already
Teething can be managed without prescription or over-the-counter remedies.We parent have to be very careful at what we give our children as prescription for tooting. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the deaths of 10 children and 400 adverse events surrounding the use of homeopathic teething pills. The FDA warned that... Read more
Skincare Expert Says Sleeping On This Type Of Pillowcase Is Putting You At Risk Of Wrinkles & Fast Aging
As kids we all couldn’t wait to grow up but as adults no one seems to be in a hurry to grow old and though there’s nothing you can do to stop the process skincare experts have revealed there’s a simple change you can make every day that will... Read more
9 Disadvantages Of The Implant Birth Control Every Woman Should Know
The birth control implant (AKA Nexplanon) is a tiny, thin rod about the size of a matchstick. The implant releases hormones into your body that prevent you from getting pregnant. A nurse or doctor inserts the implant into your arm and that’s it — you’re protected from pregnancy for... Read more
8-month-old baby weighing 38 pounds baffles doctors
An 8-month-old baby girl born in India, Chahat Kumar, who weighs as much as a healthy 4-year-old at 38 pounds, has left doctors baffled over what could be causing her rabid appetite and weight. Doctors say the baby was born healthy and without any complications. Her parents say she grew at... Read more
4 Major Health Risks Of Having A Big Baby
A baby that weighs more than 10 pounds poses the risk of delivery complications such as excessive bleeding for the mother, increasing the likelihood of long-term nerve injuries or needing a c-section. Even then, the risk of bleeding and delivery complications loom. Immediate risks of a large birth-weight for... Read more
Baby Born With 4 legs & 2 Spines Is Recovering From Surgery
An African baby who was born with four legs and two spines is now recovering from reconstructive surgery.   Doctors removed her twin’s partially deformed body. The girl, who is called Dominique, was born in the West African country of Ivory Coast 10 months ago and was flown to Advocate... Read more
The ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ Is Real, This Girl Sleeps For Months at a Time
“I wanna show people what my life is like” says 22 year old vloger Beth Goodyear who was diagnosed with Kleine–Levin syndrome (KLS), also known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome  which is a rare sleep disordercharacterized by persistent episodic hypersomnia and cognitive or mood changes. Many patients also experience hyperphagia, hypersexuality and... Read more
Sitting More Than 10-15 Minutes On Toilet Seat Can Cause THIS To Your Health
In keeping with specialists sitting in your bathroom seat for more than 15 minutes means you might have some severe issues. I do know most of you will not take it seriously however in case you are dealing with this, you will must read further to know the causes... Read more
14 Cancer Symptoms That Can Be Mistaken For Pregnancy Symptoms.
We know that in life things are not always what they seem and unfortunately the same applies to pregnancy symptoms. So here are fourteen cancer symptoms that can be mistaken for pregnancy. 14 +Ive Pregnancy Test There is probably nothing more perplexing than the dual meaning of a positive pregnancy... Read more

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