Do This And Your Baby Will Be Cured From Diarrhea. It Works 100%

Be ready, as the following information about your child’s poop may make your stomach turn, but it is the truth about toddler diarrhea. How common is toddler’s diarrhea? Colored stool: what are they? Should I be worried? What are the possible causes for a toddler to have diarrhea? What are…

6 Common Skin Problems With Babies And Here Is How To Prevent Them

It’s important to know about the different childhood skin problems that children commonly experience. Sometimes people don’t find out about these until it happens to their child. But, understanding about these skin problems that might happen will help lessen the fear, and help you be prepared and maybe even prevent…

Learn How To Keep Breasts From Sagging After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful things a mother can do for her child. Being able to nourish your newborn and experience that special bond is amazing. Although breastfeeding is greatly beneficial to your baby, nursing can wreak havoc on the breasts. Increasing in size during pregnancy and then…

An adorable toddler with a congenital heart defect was the star of a Virginia prom. (KTRK) The breakout star of a Virginia high school prom wasn’t the quarterback or the class president, but an adorable toddler with an inspiring story. Finn Blumenthal, 2, was the guest of honor at... Read more
This 18 Month Old Girl Gets Hit By Vehicle Twice And Survives
This is the shocking moment an 18-month-old girl got run over by a car twice in Hubei Province, central China. The girl miraculously survived and sustained just minor injuries on her face, according to reports. Doctors who inspected the toddler were surprised by her miraculous survival. Toddler miraculously survives... Read more
Horrified Mother Watches As Daycare Worker Slams Her Toddler down On His Face
Jazmine Torres, 22, was filmed on surveillance cameras at The Children’s Courtyard in Plano, Texas, lifting the toddler up by his arms and planting him on his nap mat on Friday. The boy’s mother Caitlin Gilmore was watching on a live feed during her lunch break at Wells Fargo... Read more
Twin Toddlers Escape from Their Cribs at Night to Discuss Life and Have a Wrestling Party
Nanny cams have become a necessity in modern homes. Although nothing beats being physically around your children, it certainly helps to know what they’re up to via these cameras. Nanny cam footage can be a treasure trove of internet gems, too, like this video of twin toddlers Andrew and... Read more
Do You Want To Have Your House Cleaned? Let Your Baby Do The Cleaning!
House cleaning is supposed to be the elder’s job, but it’s not more a fact because when you mix a cool idea with a little bit of creativity, you can have your house cleaned with the help of your baby in a jiffy, without making yourself tired. This video... Read more
Camera Caught A Toddler Leaving Home Alone In The Night. You Will Be Surprised To See Where She Went!
A surveillance camera at a gas station caught a really breathtaking sight, a 2-year-old girl was walking around the streets alone in the middle of the night! This small child came directly to a store at this gas station, opened a heavy door and went inside. The store owner... Read more
19 Month Old Toddler Is Suffering From ‘childhood Alzheimer’s’
  19 month old Marian McGlocklin is living with  Niemann–Pick disease, type C, a serious degenerative disorder. Initially, doctors tried to reassure them that Marian was normal, according to McGlocklin. But eventually, as Marian failed to meet development milestones, they suspected something was wrong. The disease is caused by... Read more
This Cute 3 year Old Fashionista has More Designer Handbags Than Her Mum
I guess its safe to say that the only thing cuter than a 3 year old is a 3 year old covered in designer outfits. Meet Nancy Aleya  whose Instagram followers has skyrocketed thanks to her enviable wardrobe, expensive bags and sense of style. Despite being only three years... Read more
Proud mom shares priceless reply of her 2-year-old daughter who was asked by a cashier ‘why she wanted a black doll instead of white’
In what many has described as an epic reply to conquer racism, this photo of a young white girl, holding a black baby doll, has gone viral on social. The image was posted on Facebook by the 2-year-old’s mother, Brandi Benner, after her daughter, Nick was called out by... Read more
Toddler runs crying to her mom. What she says about her baby sister, mom couldn’t believe!
Little Ellia Anderson is 2-years-old and every now and then she can have her temper tantrum moments. When these erupt, there is only one magic bullet available to dry those tears up. Her little sister! Baby sister makes those tears instantly disappear! These two sisters will no doubt grow... Read more

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